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Yield aggregator with protocol owned liquidity

YieldBonds (coming soon)
Boosted APY

Deposit your tokens, earn yield
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A yield aggregator for the risk averse

What is Coconuts?

Coconuts is a Yield Aggregator that expands on the idea of OHM-style Protocol-Owned Liquidity while also including some Trad-Fi concepts, such as Contingent Convertibles (CoCo) and Tranches (NuT)

Boosted APY

Boost your farming APY with $CNC rewards

You receive interest on your tokens and extra $CNC rewards

A yield aggregator for the risk averse


With Coconuts you can earn yield, boosted by a rewards token. Thereafter, the rewards token can be used to buy bonds carrying OHM-style APYs. From stablecoin farmers to OHM fork lovers, this method appeals to the whole yieldspace, adding a new dimension to (3,3)

Boosted APY

Coconuts Finance Components

CompoundNChill is the native yield aggregator of the Coconut finance ecosystem. With simplified yield aggregator tranches where APY scales with risk tolerance.

Volcano is the asset depository and bond creation part of the coconuts finance ecosystem with Contingent Convertibles implementation

Tranches and a interest bearing treasury

Your investments are protected by the treasury owning the junior tranche

You use the same yield aggregator as the protocol treasury. The treasury is your backstop

Boosted rewards with $CNC

Best in class yield aggregator. But we also offer the highest APYs on your tokens using our $CNC rewards token

Yield redirect

Redirect your yield to riskier investments with higher upside or towards saving the planet with our advanced strategies

Synergistic with partner protocols

A treasury that owns gOHM to increase it's own upside and incentivizes LPs for other protocols




Supported single token vaults


Hackathon wins


Team members

A rewards token you can hodl

Utility, higher APY, protocol governance

Our reward token allows you the ability to create bonds for juicy sky high APYs.
Vote locked tokens boost your farming reward rates and give you the chance to vote on reward rates for different pools

A yield aggregator for the risk averse

Redirect your yield

Don't want exposure to OHM style sky high APYs? Just use the yield aggregator. Want a little exposure? Use the redirect vaults to DCA in with just your profits

The best thing since curved bread

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New Waifu Times

Much yield so wow

Shiba inu

The dogenomist

Boosted APY

Boost your farming APY with $CNC rewards

You receive interest on your tokens and extra $CNC rewards

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